BOSSA was founded in 2004 and is the first and largest national association of study abroad professionals in the industry of international education of China.

All members are organizations: education agencies that are accredited; government licensed.

Guided by the Ministry of Education and Beijing Municipal Education Commission.

Operates a full-time staff of 15, works with local experts, consultants and international partners.

Members are the country's largest Chinese student recruitment agencies headquartered in Beijing with branches throughout China, and most members range small and mid-sized agencies.

COSSA was founded by BOSSA in 2012; its also the first and largest national association to represent agencies operating in provinces outside Beijing.

50+ members located in majority of provinces.

Operates under same principals as BOSSA.

BOSSA's establishment in 2004

Staff members in Huairou, Beijing, 2014

Staff members in Huairou, Beijing, 2014

BOSSA International Department, chinese new year 2016

Canada china education policy briefing 2016


BOSSA operates a full-time staff of 15, works with local experts, consultants and international partners


Mr.Sang Peng, President of BOSSA & COSSA

Mr. Sang Peng co-founded BOSSA in 2004 under Beijing Education Commission’s guidance and is the Chairman of BOSSA. Prior to BOSSA, he served at Beijing Education Commission for more than 35 years in charge of international affairs in Beijing.

Mr. Sang Peng has witnessed continuous, dramatic growth of both the inbound and outbound study abroad industry. He is not only a great leader for the industry but also an important government connection who always speaks up for the industry, which helps BOSSA receive maximum support from government authorities.

Mr.Shuai Yang, Chief Consultant, Senior Director

Mr. Shuai Yang has over 30 years experience in China’s education field and industry.

He has worked for the Ministry of Education, UNESCO, a Canadian education investment firm, and served as president of the first Sino-foreign joint college in Beijing. He currently advises both Chinese agencies and international educators by assisting local agencies with their service programs and regularly consults international schools, professionals, and organizations seeking better understanding or positioning in China’s education market. 

Fiona Cao, Secretary General of BOSSA & COSSA

Jenny Fu, Director of International Department

Jenny Fu International Director at BOSSA
Jon Santangelo

Jon Santangelo,   Spokersperson & Marketing Manager



Steven at BOSSA, China Student Recruitment

Steven Kitching, International Membership Services Director

China students schools



Doria Feng, Department Assistant, Researcher